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Humari Dukaan, Best Product, Best Offer,

Dating, Love and Relationship how to happy in relationship

Dating, Love and Relationship how to happy in relationship

His Secret Obsession Review – How to Trigger a Man’s Hero Instinct

Looking for love or how to keep a man? Many people are. Relationships are hard, and many books and people have proposed ways of dealing with them.

The author of His Secret Obsession is none other than Mr. James Bauer. Who is he? Well, this man is a relationship expert

Your lover is starting to lose interest.

He puts other things ahead of spending time with you.

You fear that he is slipping away.

He does not text or call as often as he used to.

He has grown distant, cold and even temperamental.

He doesn’t talk like you are in his future plans.

He doesn’t show you romance the way he used to.

You have left him, but you can’t seem to get over him.

The book is an excellent tool that can help you to build lasting and successful relationships with others. From dating to marriage, this book is an excellent book that can help all women around the world.

His Secret Obsession claims to show the tools that any women can use to make their man more committed in the relationship over time.

2. Kama Sutra mit Master-Reseller-Lizenz

Table of Contents
Table Of Contents
Using My Kama Sutra
Preparing For Love
Preparing The Body
Perfuming The Breath
Bathing Together
The Erogenous Zones
Best Foot Forward
The Sensual Skin
The Breasts
The Buttocks
Creating The Mood
Touching And Caressing
The Touching Embrace
The Rubbing Embrace
The Pressing Embrace
The Piercing Embrace
Embracing And Lovemaking
The Milk And Water Embrace
Climbing A Tree
The Mixture Of Sesamum Seed With Rice
The Twining Of A Creeper
The Embrace Of The Thighs
The Embrace Of The Jaghana
The Embrace Of The Forehead
The Embrace Of The Breasts
Mutual Grooming
Saving His Beard
Shampooing Her Hair
Sensual Massage
Shoulders And Head
Back And Spine
Using Massage Oil
Feet And Legs
Arms And Chest
The Upper Back
Hair Play
A Light Touch
Revealing The Neck
Tacticle Pleasure
Kissing And Mouthplay
The Bent Kiss
The Turned Kiss
The Straight Kiss
The Pressed Kiss
The Kiss Of The Upper Lip
The Clasping Kiss
The Kiss That Kindles Love
The Kiss That Awakens
The Kiss That Turns Away
Kissing The Body
Breast Kissing
Kissing And Licking
The Biting Of A Boar
The Broken Cloud
Clitoral Stimulation
Stimulating The Perineum
Genital Kissing
Tounge Insertion
Licking The Penis
The Butterfly Flick
Oral Sex Etiquette
Sucking The Penis
The Congress Of A Crow
Kama Sutra Positions
The Yawning Position
The Variant Yawning Position
The Widely Opened Position
The Position of The Wife Of Indra
The Power of Touch
Side-By-Side Clasping Position
Clasping Position
The Pressing Position
The Twining Position
The Mare’s Position
The Rising Position
The Half-Pressed Position
The Pressed Position
Acrobatic Positions
The Splitting of A Bamboo
Fixing of A Nail
The Crab’s Position
The Lotus-Like Position
The Turning Position
Erotic Sculptures
The Suspended Congress
The Supported Congress
Woman-On-Top Positions
The Top
The Swing
The Pair of Tongs
The Elephant Posture
The Congress of A Cow
Ananga Ranga Positions
Kneeling/Lying Positions
Level Feet Posture
The Four Basic Postures
The Dragon Turns
Raised Feet Posture
The Refined Posture
Kama’s Wheel
The Intact Posture
The Placid Embrace
The Gaping Position
The Encircling Position
The Splitting Position
Side-By-Side Positions
The Crab Embrace
The Transverse Lute
Sitting Positions
The Lotus Position
The Accomplishing Position
The Position of Equals
The Snake Trap
The Paired Feet Position
The Crying Out Position
Woman-On-Top Positions
The Orgasmic Role-Reversal
The Ascending Position
The Inverted Embrace
The Positions of The Tao
The Four Basic Postures
The Dragon Turns
A Silkworm Spinning A Cacoon
Two Fishes
Butterflies In Flight
Mandarin Ducks
Swallows In Love
The Pine Tree
The Galloping Horse
Seagulls On The Wing
Cicada On A Bough
The Goat And The Tree
The White Tiger
A Phoenix Playing In A Red Cave
A Huge Bird Above A Dark Sea
A Singing Monkey
Late Spring Donkey
Cat And Mice Sharing A Hole
Before And After Love
Safer Sex
Minimizing Risk
Non-Penetrative Sex
Using A Condom
Prolonging The Mood
Rekindling The Excitement
Sustaining The Harmony

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